Yuko Kawamoto

Butoh Choreo Lab #2
Yuko Kawamoto 川本裕子

Choreographed and Performed by Yuko Kawamoto
Assistant dancers: Maki Tojo, Minori Kato

Video Release Date Feb 08, 2021
Watch on Vimeo
*English and Vietnamese subtitles available.Turn on subtitles by clicking "CC" at the bottom of the video.

Butoh dancer. Began studying under Yukio Waguri in 1991, appearing in major works with “Yukio Waguri + Kozensha”, and learning the Tatsumi Hijikata Butoh method.
After going independent in 1998, she began adapting Hijikata’s style to create her own, and became creating and sharing her work both at home and abroad. In 2000 she founded “Shinonome Butoh”.
Recently, she has been engaged in Butoh exchanges in Europe and Asia, notably with “Asia Butoh Tree Project”, which promotes Butoh around Asia and has been highly acclaimed.
As a Butoh instructor, she analyses the Hijikata Butoh method that has been left in his notations in a way that can be understood by people of different cultures and languages, and teaches it to inexperienced people in an easy to understand manner by breaking it down into different elements. She strives for people to maximise their individuality, and not stick to a specific style.

近年は、ヨーロッパやアジアとの舞踏交流を活発に進めており、特にアジアに於ける舞踏の普及活動「Asia Butoh Tree Project」は高い評価を得ている。

Producer: Dai Matsuoka
Videographer: iromono lab
Photographer: Masabumi Kimura
Translation/PR: NPO Dance Archive Network
Web/Project Management: NPO LAND FES
Supported by Kanagawa Prefecture Cultural Affairs Division, Agency for Cultural Affairs, The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam

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