Barabbas Okuyama

Butoh Choreo Lab #6
Barabbas Okuyama 奥山ばらば

Choreographed and Performed by Barabbas Okuyama

Video Release Date Jan 13, 2023
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*English, Vietnamese and Japanese subtitles available. Turn on subtitles by clicking "CC" at the bottom of the video.

Butoh Dancer and Choreographer.
In 2001, He joined the Butoh company DAIRAKUDAKAN (meaning; Great Camel Battleship) founded in 1972 by Akaji Maro, its leader to this day. Besides taking roles in all DAIRAKUDAKAN’ s productions, in its studio programs he choreographed and performed his own original works “ Sagram-Boy ” (2009), “ Crucifixion ” (2013) and the solo piece “ U TSU SHI MI ” (2016).
In 2016 he left DAIRAKUDAKAN to start his own company, PROJECT BARABBAS, which has staged his original solo works “ TRIGGER POINT ” (2016), “ KA BA NE GA TA RI ” (2017), “ SA SO HA RE TE ” (2018), “ Na ga re Ta ri ” (2020), “ SO RA NO HI TO ” (2020) and duo works “ Hi no shi du ku ” (2019).
Meanwhile, he has performed in Butoh and contemporary dance programs, and at several international dance festivals in South Korea or Hungary and so on, with renowned artists such as Josef Nadj, Akira Kasai, Naoko Ito, Motoko Hirayama, Mitsutake Kasai, Ikuyo Kuroda, Kentaro Kujirai, KitaMari. He has also appeared as an actor in theatre productions with artists such as Juro Kara, Sujin Kim, Akira Shirai, Mansai Nomura, Taizoh Shiota, and so on.


2016年、大駱駝艦を退団し独自の活動を開始。自らの企画団体PROJECT BARABBAS を設立。数々のソロ作品やデュオ作品をこれまで発表する他、様々な国際ダンスフェスティバルにも多数参加している。

Producer: Dai Matsuoka
Videographer: iromono lab
Photographer: Masabumi Kimura
Translation: NPO Dance Archive Network
Web/Project Management: NPO LAND FES
Supported by Kanagawa Prefecture Cultural Affairs Division, Agency for Cultural Affairs, The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam

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