Tenko Ima

Butoh Choreo Lab #3
Tenko Ima 今貂子

Choreographed and Performed by Tenko Ima
Music by Niko

Video Release Date Sep 22, 2021
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*English and Vietnamese subtitles available.Turn on subtitles by clicking "CC" at the bottom of the video.

Born in 1958. Director of Butoh Company Kiraza and Ima Tenko Butoh Studio. In 1980, she was a founding member of Byakkosha. With their breakup in 1994, she became an independent dancer. In 2000, she created the Butoh company Kiraza. She has given many Butoh performances at historical theaters, temples and shrines in Kyoto. In 2020, She was awarded the National Arts Festival Excellence Prize. Since the opening of KYOTO Butoh-kan in 2016, she has been performing solo works for a long time. She broke new ground through the exploration of avant-garde Butoh, supported by the "power of Tamafuri (the revitalization of life)" found in the origins of the Japanese arts.


プロフィール 1958年生れ。今貂子舞踏研究所/舞踏カンパニー倚羅座主宰。1980年舞踏グループ白虎社の創立に参加。1994年解散により独立。2000年、舞踏カンパニー倚羅座を結成。京都の歴史的な劇場、寺社などで数多くの舞踏公演を開催。2020年文化庁芸術祭優秀賞受賞。また、2016年KYOTO舞踏館開館より、ソロ作品のロングラン公演を続ける。日本の芸能の源流に見られる「たまふり(命の活性化)の力」に支えられたアバンギャルドな舞踏の探求を通じて独自の境地を開拓。

Producer/Director: Dai Matsuoka
Videographer: iromono lab
Photographer: Masabumi Kimura
Translation/PR: NPO Dance Archive Network
Web/Project Management: NPO LAND FES
Supported by Kanagawa Prefecture Cultural Affairs Division, Agency for Cultural Affairs, The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam

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