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The unique form of Butoh was born out of Japan in the 1960s. Today, Butoh is known internationally and there are practitioners all over the world, but as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, opportunities for people to access Butoh have plummeted. In such times, BUTOH CHOREO LAB aims to develop, popularise and pass on Butoh, by sharing Butoh dancers’ thoughts and techniques on choreography from the Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio to an online platform.

Where Butoh was created and taught

Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio

For many years, the Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio was central to the creation of Butoh. Established in 1961 and belonging to Kazuo & Yoshito Ohno, it drew many dancers and artists to gather and study. As an organization, it also produced performances, held workshops and published books, initiating the development of this original performing art form. Since the passing of Yoshito Ohno, the studio is now utilized by Butoh Choreo Lab in order to film online lessons by dancers and choreographers. We aim to preserve the function and value of the space, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of Butoh.

Yoshito Ohno 1938-2020, courtesy of Dance Archive Network
Butoh Choreo Lab #1 Mitsuyo Uesugi

'Most important in my dance is what is right here, right in this moment. Because to breathe in is for life to be born.'

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BUTOH CHOREO LAB producer Dai Matsuoka(left), and Yukio Suzuki(right).

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